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Reloop Beatpad2 Top view shown with ipad (sold seperate)
Reloop Beatpad2 shown with android tablet (tablet sold seperate)
Reloop Beatpad2 rear
Reloop Beatpad2 Front

RELOOP Beatpad 2 Cross Platform Controller: Made for iPad, Android & Mac (B-Stock)


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Reloop Beatpad2 (B-Stock)
This was a Brand New item used at a recent Reloop Trade Show. After a couple days of use it was tested to be in 100% working order and labeled "B" stock. Full warranty, factory product support, and all original accessories and box included.


  • Professional DJ controller for Mac, PC, iOS & Android
  • Integrated 4 channel USB audio club interface & RGB pads
  • Mix millions of tracks with djay + Tidal, Soundcloud Go+, Beatport Link and Beatsource Link

The BeatPad 2 by Reloop is your ultimate cross-platform controller, offering seamless compatibility with iPad, Android, and Mac devices. It's the go-to choice for professional DJs looking to harness the full capabilities of the award-winning DJAY 2 mixing software by Algoriddim.

Evolved from the original BeatPad controller, which rapidly became a go-to choice for 'Smart-Device DJs,' the BeatPad 2 continues the legacy with effortless plug-and-play compatibility across all platforms. Whether you're DJing with DJAY 2 on your iOS or Android device or utilizing DJAY Pro on your Mac, the integration is smooth and hassle-free. Experience unmatched versatility with BeatPad 2, which comes complete with USB, Apple Lightning, and Android OTG cables in the package.

Seamless Spotify Integration for Limitless Track Mixing with DJAY 2.5!

Enhanced Track Management Features

Explore advanced track management with the BeatPad 2, offering convenient features that streamline your DJ experience. You can now preview tracks directly within the browser function without the need to load them, making your selection process smoother. Additionally, the 'Queue List' acts as a virtual waiting queue where you can drop tracks on the fly.

Effortless Library Switching
The library switch button allows you to swiftly toggle between your various libraries and streaming services, ensuring easy access to your music collection.

On-The-Fly Beat Grid Editing
BeatPad 2 empowers you to edit beat grids directly from the hardware. If a beat doesn't align perfectly with the grid, you can reset the start point using the jog wheel for precise synchronization.

djay Pro AI introduces Neural Mix™ technology, allowing DJs to isolate, play, and remix singular elements from multiple tracks in real-time. On screen, djay Pro AI provides intuitive sliders and controls, enabling users to seamlessly fade between percussive and harmonic components of a song, best suited for electronic music, or to create instant acapellas and instrumentals with the tap of a button, best suited for hip hop related music. Over 30 new MIDI-mappable Neural Mix™ commands can be assigned to your Reloop controller. Compatible with any iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 or later with an A12 Bionic chip.

Revolutionary Real-Time Vocal and Instrument Separation

Experience the groundbreaking Neural Mix™ technology introduced by djay Pro AI, which empowers DJs to dynamically isolate, play, and remix individual elements from multiple tracks in real-time. With intuitive on-screen sliders and controls, djay Pro AI allows you to seamlessly transition between percussive and harmonic elements of a song, making it ideal for electronic music. You can also effortlessly create instant acapellas and instrumentals with just a tap of a button, catering to the needs of hip-hop music enthusiasts.

Enhanced MIDI Control
With over 30 new MIDI-mappable Neural Mix™ commands, you can assign these innovative features to your Reloop controller, putting even more creative power at your fingertips.

Universal Compatibility
djay Pro AI is compatible with any iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 or later with an A12 Bionic chip, ensuring accessibility and convenience for DJs of all kinds.

With Algoriddim’s latest djay version, you can have all your favourite artists, current charts and personal playlists always with you thanks to the seamless integration of Tidal, Soundcloud, Beatport Link und Beatsource. You can mix millions of tracks instantly with your Beatpad 2 as if the music would be on your iOS device! No big storage drives or a large music library management are necessary any more. Also, finding the perfect next track to mix has never been easier: With the Match feature, an innovative feature that recommends tracks that go well with what the DJ is currently playing - allowing users of any skill level to create professional sounding mixes with Tidal and Soundcloud. Match provides unprecedented track recommendations based on danceability, BPM, key harmony, music style, and how well the song mixes with the currently playing track. The offline storage with Beatport Link and Beatsource allows up to 100 tracks to be played back without an active internet connection.

Access Millions of Tracks with djay & Leading Streaming Services
In the latest version of Algoriddim's djay, you can now have all your favorite artists, current chart-toppers, and personalized playlists at your fingertips, thanks to seamless integration with Tidal, SoundCloud, Beatport Link, and Beatsource. With your Beatpad 2, you can instantly mix millions of tracks as if they were stored on your iOS device, eliminating the need for extensive storage drives or cumbersome music library management.

Effortless Track Selection
Discovering the perfect next track for your mix has never been simpler. Our innovative Match feature recommends tracks that harmonize seamlessly with what the DJ is currently playing, empowering users of all skill levels to craft professional-sounding mixes with Tidal and SoundCloud. Match offers unparalleled track suggestions based on danceability, BPM, key harmony, music style, and how well the song complements the currently playing track.

Offline Playback with Beatport Link and Beatsource
Enjoy the flexibility of offline playback with Beatport Link and Beatsource, allowing you to access up to 100 tracks even without an active internet connection.