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Gemini UHF-6200M UHF Dual Handheld System

Gemini UHF-6200M UHF Dual Handheld System


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The UHF-6200 Wireless Handheld Mic System provides you with unlimited independence to use your energy and movements all over the stage without any fear of hanging cables. Do explore the boundaries of passion with UHF-6200. If you are a lead singer, DJ, karaoke enthusiast or anyone searching for a high-quality voice reproduction system with an unbeatable clarity and reliability, you are looking at the perfect product. Besides, the UHF-6200 comes at a surprisingly low price.

  • Wireless dual-channel receiver system
  • 512MHz to 537.5MHz operational frequencies
  • 240' dynamic operating range
  • Ideal for bars, clubs, auditoriums and places of worship