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Glorious Modular Mix Rack Black
Glorious Modular Mix Rack Black
Glorious Modular Mix Rack Black
Glorious Modular Mix Rack Black

Glorious Modular Mix Rack Black

JK Pro Audio

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The Glorious Modular Mix Rack is ideally suited for use as HiFi monitoring station, while also offering the possibility of storing vinyl. The 3-part construction consists of two large compartments for 12''-records, one compartment for 7''-records as well as a storage area for a turntable or mixer.

In total, the Modular Mix Rack offers enough capacity for up to 280 12''-records and 300 7''-records. The surface can accommodate a turntable, CD player or mixer. Via various ducts on the upper surface, interior space and at the bottom unsightly cables can easily be hidden. The 7'' compartment is also suitable for storing an amplifier and also offers the possibility to route cables.

  • Modular Mix Rack: easy 3-part construction
  • Two large 12''-record compartments & one 7''-record compartment
  • Capacity for up to 280 x 12''-records and 300 x 7''-records
  • Storage area offers sufficient space for a turntable, CD player or mixer
  • Various ducts for cable routing on top, back and ground
  • 7''-compartment can also accommodate an amplifier (additional duct)
  • Especially sturdy and robust construction compared to conventional furniture solutions
  • Ideal as turntable monitoring station with simultaneous vinyl storage
  • Three modules can be extended to a DJ table
  • Can also be used as extension for the Modular Mix Station
  • Easy assembly in just a few steps
  • Available with black or white finish