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MIXFADER Crossfader w/ Travel Case and FREE Headphones
MIXFADER Crossfader w/ Travel Case and FREE Headphones
MIXFADER Crossfader w/ Travel Case and FREE Headphones
MIXFADER Crossfader w/ Travel Case and FREE Headphones
MIXFADER Crossfader w/ Travel Case and FREE Headphones

MIXFADER Crossfader w/ Travel Case and FREE Headphones


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Double side cut
Mixfader adapts to your scratching technique. Whether you scratch regular, hamster (reverse), whether you are left or right handed. Both sides of Mixfader are usable.

For the first time, you will love not making a choice.
Double Side Cut
Timecode & Standard Audio Vinyls
Timecode and standard audio vinyls compatibility



For the first time in the portable scratching history, a fader is compatible with both Timecode and standard audio vinyls.

Scratch as always on your Vestax Handy Trax or Numark PT01! Compatible vinyls so far: Serato CV02 A-side and B-side; Serato Control CD; Traktor MK1 A-side and B-side, MixVibes 7 and MixVibes V2.



MIDI standard
GarageBand, Traktor, Serato DJ… Mixfader fully supports the MIDI protocol and can be used with the main production software.

Choose your MIDI mode and assign the control change number of your choice directly from the Companion app of Mixfader, then connect to your favorite software and let the creation begin.




Companion App



MIDI standard
Connect up to 7 Mixfader at the same time
Crossfader, Pitch, Audio effect… why should you choose? You can connect up to 7 Mixfader at the same time, there is no limitation when it comes to creating music.



Adhesive backed-rubber
At its bottom, Mixfader has an adhesive and washable rubber that drives it fixed, whatever the shelf. Designed to be taken everywhere, Mixfader sticks any supports and withstand the sharper hand movements.

And for an optimal scratching comfort, Mixfader is also supplied with 4 adhesive pads to put under your smartphone or tablet to prevent their shake.



Built to last
Mixfader's enclosure is made from unibody aluminum and therefore ensures an incredibly high resistance to shocks.



It also provides a sufficiently high weight to handle the back-and-forth movements of your hand.



Software settings
edjing Scratch – Mixfader's dedicated app – offers advanced features (controller interface, pro audio fx and settings, share mode…) to enhance your performance and let you explore new custom setup possibilities.



Crossfader curve adjustment
Mixfader works like a typical DJ-mixer crossfader and then its curve can be adjusted. You'll find in edjing Scratch, for example, a large range of crossfader shapes, like the Scratch Cut, the Slow Fade or the Dipped. Whether you are sooner tighter cut or gradual smooth fade, there's one for everyone's taste.



Hamster (reverse) switch
The Hamster switch lets you reverse the Mixfader usage direction. Rather kick with your thumb? No problem, just activate the Hamster switch! You'll love to scratch with a smart crossfader.



Role assignment
Of course, Mixfader can be your crossfader, but it can also be more than that. Depending on the adjustment possibilities available on the app you use, Mixfader will become your pitch, volume, or effect fader like Filter or Phaser. And the list goes on.



Cut-in point control
Mixfader delivers a high level of crossfader adjustment, including the possibility to customize your fader depending on your scratching technique. Set the cut-in point of your fader where your want and thus reduce or increase the dead space