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Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 Professional Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable
Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 Professional Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable
Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 Professional Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable
Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 Professional Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable
Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 Professional Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable
Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 Professional Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable

Pioneer PLX-CRSS12 Professional Digital-Analog Hybrid Turntable

JK Pro Audio

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We here at JK Pro Audio have always been about turntables.  This Hybrid table was one we were very happy to test out.  We were not disappointed with the results.  This is an amazing hybrid table for both controller use and pure vinyl use. 

Say goodbye to concerns about needle skipping with the PLX-CRSS12 in DVS mode, compatible with Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox. Enjoy uninterrupted tone-arm-free playback, allowing artists to scratch analog records with full confidence, knowing they won't miss a beat. When it's time to embrace the traditional vinyl experience, effortlessly switch the deck to Analog mode and use the tone arm as you normally would.

Experience Ultimate Artistic Freedom with the PLX-CRSS12 Turntable

The PLX-CRSS12 turntable is designed to adapt to your unique artistic style. With its user-friendly features, you have complete control over your vinyl experience. Adjust the rotation dial on the MAGVEL CLAMP to fine-tune the weight of your record, or customize the turntable's torque level in the utility settings. You can also choose from three stopping speeds to match your preferences.

At first glance, the PLX-CRSS12 reveals its dedication to fluid scratching and intuitive performances. Upon closer inspection, you'll discover an array of innovative features that enhance your creative control. The battle-style layout offers ample room for scratching, complemented by four MIDI-mappable Performance Pads for added versatility. Keep track of essential information effortlessly with the OLED display.

Beneath the surface, the PLX-CRSS12 boasts hidden enhancements that elevate your DJ experience. We've upgraded various components from the renowned PLX-1000 professional turntable to deliver the best analog sound ever from a Pioneer DJ deck.

Unleash your creativity and explore the potential of the PLX-CRSS12 turntable today!

  • Ensure Seamless Playback in the Digital Realm Experience uninterrupted playback in Digital Vinyl mode with the PLX-CRSS12's tone-arm-free DVS control, even during the most aggressive scratching.
  • The innovative MAGVEL CLAMP securely anchors your record, allowing direct control over digital music files, providing an authentic vinyl feel without the need for a tonearm. When enjoying analog records, the PLX-CRSS12 delivers a classic PLX-1000-like experience.
Tailored to Meet Performer Preferences
  • Pioneer's innovative MAGVEL CLAMP dial empowers performers to fine-tune their experience. With this feature, you can effortlessly adjust the torque, making your record feel lighter or heavier without the hassle of altering slip mats or slip sheets.
  • Take full control by customizing the turntable's torque level through the utility settings.
  • Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose from three deck-stopping speeds via a convenient switch located on the unit's front panel
Designed for Full Control
  • Blending Timeless Turntable Design with Modern Functionality The PLX-CRSS12 seamlessly integrates classic turntable layout elements with a modern twist – 4 built-in MIDI-mappable Performance Pads. These pads, conveniently positioned below the platter, enable users to effortlessly trigger Hot Cues and samples with unmatched speed. Our device offers native support for a range of pad modes (details below), and a dedicated button makes it easy to switch control from pads 1-4 to 5-8. What's more, our MIDI mappable pads grant users the freedom to program each pad according to their specific preferences.
  • Native pad mode support
    • Serato DJ Pro: Hot Cue, Sampler, Stems, Scratch Bank, Roll, Saved Loop
    • rekordbox: Hot Cue, Sampler, Track Separation, Sample Scratch, Pad FX1, Beat Jump
  • The built-in OLED display allows performers to easily locate the tempo range and key when Step Pitching with Analog or Digital Vinyl mode. When using Digital Vinyl mode, users can reference BPM, key, deck number information, and the name of the software running.

Evolved, High-Quality Sound
  • The PLX-CRSS12 has been carefully built based off the highly acclaimed sound quality of the PLX-1000 professional DJ turntable.
    • As with the PLX-1000, the upper part of the chassis is made of high-mass die-cast zinc and the lower part is made of 8 mm (about 0.31 in) thick resin to optimize the chassis structure and vibration-damping materials.
    • The use of rubber tubes inside the tone arm has further improved vibration control performance over the PLX-1000.
    • The RCA terminals are made of machined gold-plated parts, and the phono signal is directly transmitted through a stable connection with the plug to reproduce the sound of analog records with high-quality audio.
  • A switching power supply is used to eliminate transformer power supply vibration and flux leakage while suppressing unwanted noise, creating high-resolution sound quality.

Replaceable MAGVEL CLAMP

Additional clamps are available to buy if users want to take their own set on the road, or if they need to replace a clamp that’s been lost. Users can store the MAGVEL CLAMP neatly in a dedicated area on top of the deck.

Robust and elegant design in matte black color

The PLX-CRSS12 has a matte black color scheme, with special coatings applied to the tone arm and other metal parts, plus carefully crafted details that give it a robust and elegant appearance.

Software Compatibility
  • The PLX-CRSS12 is compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox.
  • By connecting this unit to a PC/Mac with DJ software installed, and to a mixer that supports the DVS function of the respective DJ software, users can start playing in Digital Vinyl mode and use the Performance Pads.

Specifications General
  • Power requirements : AC 110 V – 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 8 W
  • Power consumption (standby): 0.5 W
  • Weight: 12.2 kg / 26.9 lb
  • Maximum Dimensions (W × D × H): 453 × 353 × 159 mm / 17.8" x 13.9" x 6.3"
  • Tolerable operating temperature: +5 °C – +35 °C (+41 °F – +95 °F)
  • Tolerable operating humidity: 5% – 85% (no condensation)

Turntable part
  • Drive method: Servo type direct drive
  • Motor: 3-phase brushless DC motor
  • Braking system: Electronic brake
  • Rotation speed: 33⅓ rpm, 45 rpm
  • Rotation speed adjustment range: ±8%, ±16%, ±50%
  • Wow and flutter: 0.15 % or less WRMS (JIS WTD)
  • S/N ratio: 65 dB (DIN-B)
  • Turntable: Aluminum die-casting diameter: 332 mm
  • Starting torque
    • High: 0.45 N·m (4.5 kgf·cm) or more
    • Mid: 0.32 N·m (3.2 kgf·cm)
    • Low: 0.2 N·m (2.0 kgf·cm)
  • Start time: 0.3 seconds (at 33⅓ rpm)
  • Brake time
    • Max :3.5 seconds
    • Mid :1.0 seconds
    • Min :0.5 seconds or less

Tone arm part
  • Arm type: Universal type S-shape tone arm, gimbal-supported type bearing structure, static balance type
  • Effective length: 230 mm
  • Overhang: 15 mm
  • Tracking error: Within 3°
  • Arm height adjustment range: 6 mm
  • Stylus pressure variable range: 0 g – 4.0 g (1 scale 0.1 g)
  • Proper cartridge weight: 2.5 g – 12 g
    *Cartridge weight includes the mounting screws and nuts.
  • When shell weight is used : 2.5 g – 5.5 g
  • When only balance weight is used: 5 g – 9 g
  • When sub weight is used: 8.5 g – 12 g

Input / Output terminals
  • PHONO output terminal : RCA pin jacks: 1 set
  • USB terminal: Type-C: 1 set

  • Platter
  • Screws for platter
  • Screwdriver
  • Slip mat
  • Slip sheet
  • Dust cover
  • Balance weight
  • Sub weight
  • Headshell
  • Shell weight
  • Power cord
  • Audio cable (with ground wire)
  • USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty (for some regions)*
  • Precautions for Use
  • * Only products in Europe. Products in North America and Japan include warranty information in the Precautions for Use.