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Reloop RMX-40 Club DJ Mixer w/ effects

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Looking for a 4 channel mixer that isn't going to break your bank? Look no further. The RMX-40 is a feature rich DJ mixer with built in effects that will keep you out of the poor house. We here at JK Pro Audio recommend this mixer to anyone looking for an inexpensive 4 channel Club styled mixer.

The new BlackFire edition presents itself in a new, deep black outfit, whereby the RMX-40 DSP will increase its already high popularity. Besides the revised potentiometers and the newly designed, bright LEDs, the professional mixer's DSP effect unit clearly stands out.

Combined with a beatcounter, the effect parameters can be assigned to differnt timings or they can be modulated manually with a time and a level/depth parameter.

The Reloop RMX-40 series is especially DJ-friendly due to its headphones output with equalizer and mono switch. Furthermore reversible faders with adjustable curves, output level LEDs as well as an automatic beatcounter are available for each channel. The crossfader can control every input channel, activate sources via fader start and cut all frequencies via the kill switches. A mixer for every occasion.


  • 4+1-channel Pro DSP club mixer
  • Freely assignable DSP effect unit (pan, trans, delay, echo, flanger, filter, phase, pitch shifter) with time and level parameter
  • Manual beat assignment for effects
  • Automatic beatcounter for all channels (double 3-digit display)
  • Excellent sound characteristics due to Premium Sound Architecture (PSA)
  • Freely assignable Long Life TCT crossfader (45 mm) with adjustable curve
  • Crossfader-start play
  • Long Life linefaders (60 mm) with adjustable curve, reversible
  • Kill unit for both crossfader channels, with flash function (up to -40 dB)
  • Effect send/return for all channels
  • Extra LED for cue signal per channel
  • 3-band equalizer for channels 1 - 4 and mic 2
  • 3-band equalizer for talkover and mic 1
  • 1-band equalizer and mono/stereo switch for headphones
  • Master output mono compatible, with balance
  • Symmetrical (XLR) as well as asymmetrical (RCA) outputs


Inputs: 4x phono, 4(+4)x line, 1x return, 2x mic

Outputs: 2x master, 1x send, 1x rec.

EQ range: +12/-26 dB

Dimensions: 320 x 357 x 87 mm

Weight: 5.6 kg