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Scrim King SPK-02W double sided white scrim

Scrim King SPK-02 Lighting Package 1

Scrim King

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Scrim King SS-SPK02-W Lighting Package #1
This package includes:
One SS-SPK02-W double sided white scrim
One High Powered LED uplight with over 100 LEDs.
One Scrim King Speaker Stand Clamp
The Scrim King SS-SPK02-W is a white triangle scrim to cover your speaker and lighting stands.
Two sided coverage.
Stretch factor : Height 4 ft. to 7 ft. Bottom feet: 3.5 ft. to 4.5 ft.
Why do we include the free Clamp?
We here at JK Pro Audio have found that these Speaker Scrims are the best in the industry but need something to attach the top of the scrim to. If you are using a speaker that has a knob on the back to tighten the speaker to the speaker pole, you can attach the top of the scrim to that. If you do not have a speaker with a tightening adjustment, we here at JK Pro Audio would recomended to use the Scrim King CLAMP at the top of the speaker pole and attach the scrim to the clamp.


Scrim King - Before and After

Let Scrim King guarantee you a professional unique and contemporary look for you DJ set up.

The Scrim King New product line includes covers for SpeakerStands, Lighting Stands, Trussing, Tables and X-stands.

All product available in Black and WhiteFire retardant NFPA 701

(Also available in Black. Use part number: SS-SPK02-B)