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Vestax CF-X2
Vestax CF-X2

Vestax CF-X2 Optional Cross Fader for Vestax PMC-05Pro4 and VCI-380


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Vestax CF-X2 Performance Cross fader

Vestax's CF-X2 is the stock fader found in the Vestax PMC-05pro4 Battle Mixers but is also an optional digital crossfader upgrade for the VCI-380. The CF-X2 delivers improved performance with a razor sharp cut-in point (no "cut lag") for DJs that want to flex advanced scratch techniques.


The CFX2 offers feather light performance but yet still has excellent weight to it. This fader has been rated one of the best performance faders in the world.


Note: This fader used to be compatible with the VCI-300mkII but required a VCI-300mkII Firmware update for the fader to work. This firmware is NO LONGER AVAILABLE rendering this fader useless for the VCI-300mkII. Do not purchase this fader if you are looking to install it into a VCI-300mkII. Sorry.

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