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X-Laser Skywriter HPX 2W, All-Diode Laser
X-Laser Skywriter HPX 2W, All-Diode Laser
X-Laser Skywriter HPX 2W, All-Diode Laser
X-Laser Skywriter HPX 2W, All-Diode Laser

X-Laser Skywriter HPX 2W, All-Diode Laser


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Skywriter HPX

The Skywriter HPX is X-Laser’s next-generation professional laser system. The HPX model was designed to seamlessly transition from creating thick, high-impact beam shows one night to projecting crisp graphics the next. As X-Laser’s take on the multitool, the HPX seamlessly blends efficient power with a solid, compact fixture to create a perfect option for rental and install applications. With its sealed optics that help reduce maintenance intervals, deep DMX control and smart diode technology, the HPX is perfect for creating awesome effects for shows up to 2,000 guests.


You’re always in control

The Skywriter HPX offers ILDA (input and output) and 24-channel DMX programming, expanding your artistic possibilities.
Bold beams. Crisp graphics. No compromises.

Skywriter HPX can produce thick, vibrant aerial beam effects as well as sharp, clean graphics projections virtually anywhere.

Convenient, rental-ready size
The Skywriter HPX has a footprint barely larger than a tablet, yet is rugged enough for rental and light touring applications


  • Sealed optical deck and rugged chassis reduce maintenance intervals, even during road use.
  • Dramatic, thick beams create high-impact laser shows while well-matched colors create clean graphic projections.
  • Brighter and more powerful than the Skywriter Chroma Mini HP
  • 1,000+ vivid laser colors
  • No need for an external power supply
  • Smart diode technology offers fast color changes and no duty cycle
  • ILDA-standard 30,000PPS precise graphics scanners
  • Eligible for the X-Laser EZ Variance Kit and meets all United States safety and quality standards
  • Rugged and compact anodized aluminum housing
  • Control modes: ILDA, DMX, Auto mode via DMX
  • X-Laser no-hassle warranty eligible (6 months for diodes, 1 year mechanical)
  • Certified to comply with U.S. FDA standards as well as IEC, UL, ETC, CSA and ROHS guidelines
  • Ships in a standard box, with an optional case available.