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Xone:PB B Stock
Xone:PB B Stock
Xone:PB B Stock

Xone:PB B Stock


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Xone:PB Patchbay

A 1U rack size passive interface box providing a quick and easy solution to set changes in busy club line ups. The Xone:PB is designed to simplify the task of connecting encoded vinyl replay systems to installed mixers without the need to re-patch.

Switches on the front panel select whether the mixer inputs are connected directly to the audio sources or diverted to the external sources, allowing very quick and simple interfacing to scratch amps or computer soundcards. The audio source connections on the front panel are duplicated, enabling two scratch amps to be connected to the same audio source for simple DJ handover.

Additional features:

-Two switchable inverse RIAA filters, enabling line level sources to be connected to the phono preamplifiers of the mixer

-Common mode noise attenuation filtering on all external inputs to help reduce laptop power supply noise

-Earth lift switch to help prevent ground loops